Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here in Maine, misguided critics are tossing around the other "N" word, and the guy at the receiving end is GOP Gov. Paul LePage

I’m not impressed with our new governor here in Maine, a very conservative Republican by the name of Paul LePage. I don’t care for many of his policies, or his shoot-from-the-hip, foot-in-mouth style, which is an embarrassment to our state. 

That being said, I was appalled to see what some anti-LePage protesters were shouting last week, thanks to the latest dustup created by The Mouth That Roared. 

Here’s some background. It turns out there’s a mural in the headquarters of the Maine Department of Labor depicting the state’s labor history. (Who knew?)  LePage, who is pushing a pro-business agenda, has decided he doesn’t like the mural. Two one-sided, he says. So he’s having it removed. He’s also planning to rename conference rooms in the building because they bear the names of prominent people in labor history, according to the Portland Press Herald. 

The whole thing smacks of classic LePage overreach, so it’s not surprising that demonstrators turned out at the Department of Labor on Friday. Here's what gave me a jolt. The Press Herald reported that there was some chanting at the rally, including “Recall Paul” and “Nazis banned art.” 

Yup. Nazis. They're rearing their ugly heads yet again, as they always do in America these days whenever any conservative says or does anything with which anyone else disagrees. 

Do we study history anymore? Do the people who are willing to scream “Nazi” at the slightest provocation have any understanding of how heinous the Nazis were, and why it's inappropriate to compare virtually any contemporary American politician to them? 

LePage is a comical figure. He may even be a dangerous figure. But to suggest that he’s a neo-Nazi because he wants to relocate (not ban) a government-owned work of art that is in a state (not private) building is not only absurd, it’s offensive. Not because it’s insulting to LePage, but because it trivializes the Third Reich.


  1. Sure, I agree, why compare him to a Nazi...why not just compare him to all the other Americans who banned art and violently suppresed and punished American workers over the last 150+ years? His ilk have a long and rich history here in the US. So if there's plenty of such people within our own borders and history, then there's no need to travel across the ocean for our comparsions.

  2. I agree, it's an accusation that should be used very sparingly. I don't agree that it's conservatives who get the brunt of it. They're doing a mighty good job of slinging that little epithet around. Even referring to the President.