Thursday, September 23, 2010

Positively Palin: The poop on your favorite quittin' gov and her clan

Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States: Sarah Palin.

"If the American people were to be ready for someone who is willing to shake it up, and willing to get back to time-tested truths, and help lead our country towards a more prosperous and safe future and if they happen to think I was the one, if it were best for my family and for our country, of course I would give it a shot. But I'm not saying that it's me. I know I can certainly make a difference without having a title. I'm having a good time doing exactly that right now." Sarah Palin

1 comment:

  1. Lest there be any doubt..... she wants to be President and there are a few billionaires out there who are more than ready to help her get there. The two B's that come to mind... the Koch boys from Wichita, KS. Those whose father was one of the founders of the John Birch society and strong libertarians who do not want corporate taxes, social security, welfare or any form of environmental protection. They are big oil all the way, as they are in that business. They know what's best for you......NOT.